Top 6 Tips To Protect Your Car From The Damages Rainwater Can Cause

You’d think leaving you’re your car out when it’s pouring is clever because you’re giving it a good wash without you spending a dime. However, what you do not realize is how detrimental this could actually be for your car’s paint.You’d think leaving you’re your car out when it’s pouring is clever because you’re giving it a good wash without you spending a dime. However, what you do not realize is how detrimental this could actually be for your car’s paint.

Too cold or too hot temperature can make your car paint expand and contract and then result to cracking. When this happens, it’d be easier for water or moist to seep through the cracks and create rust.

Aside from that, rainwater forms by collecting several elements from the atmosphere. This means water isn’t the only things hitting your car when it’s pouring. You have other impurities that causes acid rain and deliberately exposing your car to that is bound to cause trouble for you sooner or later.

So generally, there’s constant exposure of your car to rainwater that can lead to cracking, chipping and peeling off the paintwork. Aside from that, you can also end up with buildup of tough stains from the rainwater that can often be very hard to clean and premature rusting and corrosion.

Tips To Keep Your Car From Getting Damaged By Rainwater

1. Park In A Garage When Possible
This might be obvious but people seem to think you only need it during sunny days.

2. Use A Car Cover
If you can’t find any covered parking space, at least use a car cover so that your paintwork isn’t directly soaked in rainwater.

3. Wash It Thoroughly
So you forgot your car cover? That can’t be helped sometimes but remember to wash your car after being left in the rain. Your car had just been exposed to a lot of different impurities and when left like that for extended period of time, that can cause serious paint damage on your car. So give it a good car wash.

4. Do Not Skip Drying
Letting your vehicle air dry will leave unsightly watermarks and will render your hard work useless. . Use a microfiber towel or preferably a weave drying towel to absorb the water and dry the car.

5. Wax Your Car
Remember that a good wax will easily last 8 – 10 months on a car that will protect the paint of the car from external elements like scratches, dust, contaminants from the rainwater, and UV rays. To be on a safer side, apply a coat of wax every six months on your car to keep it clean and smooth.

6. Get Car Paint Protection Treatment
We can’t really help the kind of weather you’ll have in the place you live. Whether you have four seasons or two extreme weathers, all you can do is take extra step to protect your car from these. Paint protection in Singapore’s tropical weather will prevent your paint job from fading fast, it also keeps it from expanding and contracting which results to cracking where water or moist can seep through the cracks and create rust.


Top 5 Tips That Will Help You Save Time When Washing Your Car


Top 5 Tips That Will Help You Save Time When Washing Your Car

here are some tips that you’ll find helpful. They can help you finish the job just as well without spending an entire day.Car washing may be a tedious job that you’d like to skip, but we all know that despite all the car washing shop around, there are times that you have no choice but to do it yourself. However, to make this chore less of a hassle and to keep it from consuming your day off, here are some tips that you’ll find helpful. They can help you finish the job just as well without spending an entire day.

1. Prewash Prep
You spend more time than you should if you keep yo-yoing between washing and digging around for all the things that you need for washing. To avoid wasting time, make sure you gather everything that you need like bucket, old clean hand towel, shop towels, bottle of car wash shampoo/cleaning agent, and your garden hose. This helps you get the job done fluidly and quickly instead of stopping every now and then to get something.

2. Do It In The Shade
We all know that letting your car sit under direct sunlight is not good for your paint job. This is even truer if you’re car washing because with the direct sunlight could blister and peel so much easier while the water could easily seep through and develop rusts. However, aside from these negative effects, washing your car under direct sunlight consumes more time because the soapy water dries prematurely which will require you to reapply the soap and rinse it before it leaves residue. So doing this task in the shade is one way to eliminate this problem so you’re not repeating the process over and over.

3. Start Washing
Start by adding your car-wash solution to the bucket of warm water and dunking your hand towel in. The type of soap you choose will determine the outcome of your wash: Some soaps will simply wash off your vehicle; others add a wax or water repellent in lieu of a full-on wax job.

Once your towel is soaked, don’t wring it out — the wetter it is, the better. If your vehicle is large, cover it in sections; the objective here is to rinse off your vehicle completely before the soapy water completely dries. You can experiment with one large towel or two. Washing with one towel in each hand lets you cover more ground.

4. Rinse
Rinsing should be the quickest and easiest part of this task, especially with your garden hose on standby. Just make sure that you adjust the pressure of your hose’ nozzle because too much water pressure can easily take the paint off and even damages your car’s body parts.

5. Dry And Drive
Just because you’re trying to do this as quickly as possible doesn’t mean you will skip drying. That’s absolutely not an option. Use a full-sized towel. Hold the corners, and drape it flat over the vehicle. Drag the towel over broad surfaces to dry as much as possible, and use a smaller hand towel to mop up any smaller portions you may have missed. Now for the fun part: Once you’ve removed as much water as you can, take your car for a quick spin up and down the road to let the wind dry if off completely.


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Top 5 Tips To Stay Safe And Avoid Accidents While Driving

Top 5 Tips To Stay Safe And Avoid Accidents While DrivingDriving doesn’t seem like a life-threatening activity because you’re essentially just going from one place to another. But the thing is that, car accidents ranked as the 9th leading cause of death in worldwide according to Association for Safe International Road Travel, so you shouldn’t take driving too lightly. Here are some useful defensive driving tips that you can use to prevent yourself from being a part of that statistics.

1. Maintain Your Vehicle
Aside from car grooming which is on high demand here in Singapore, you should also prioritize maintenance. If your car is also in good running condition all the time, you save yourself from surprise breakdowns on the road which can lead to accidents, especially on a busy highway.

2. Have An Escape Plan
When you’re on the road, it will always be better to prepare for and know what to do during worst case scenarios like someone’s tire blowout and spin out of control or someone speeding with no brakes. Learning how to react when such things happen can mean the difference between life and death.

3. Look Far Ahead
Consider this as the have an escape plan’s little brother. Once you’ve mastered the art of preparing for worst case scenarios, you can easily spot danger from a distance by looking far ahead. Doing this allows you to see erratic drivers, slow traffic, intersections, and highway debris in advance so you can anticipate possible problems before you reach them and be ready to take action to save yourself from them.

4. Maintain Proper Following Distance
Don’t follow too closely. Giving yourself at least 2-3 second buffer room comes in handy in emergency situations. This allows you to hit break on time in the event of a panic stop in the lane up ahead.

5. Reduce Driving Distractions
Not only that this keeps your full attention in the road, which is always good for your safety, but it can also save you some car repair. Sometimes those little dents or scratches happens because you we’re checking a text message and missed the approaching car or the traffic light or the signal light of the car in front of you.


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Concerns You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Ask When Buying A Car

Concerns You Shouldn_t Be Afraid To Ask When Buying A Car

You probably already know that car repair and car grooming is a part of the expenses and responsibilities of owning a vehicle. But that comes later; do you know what comes with it as you purchase it? Here are some questions that will help you know exactly what you’re paying for and if it’s worth it! This is especially helpful if you do your shopping via internet.

What’s My Out-The-Door Price?
Most of the time, the salesperson will hype you up with how affordable the vehicle is. While it may be true that the car is budget-friendly, you have to know that you’re also required other fees like sales tax, registry costs and a documentation fee. The sooner you get a quote on all this, the clearer it’ll be to you how much you’re actually gonna spend on the car.

How Much Do You Charge For Documentation Fee?
All dealers charge documentation fee, but not all dealers charge the same. There are instances where they offer a good deal on the car but charges larger on this fee. So asking for this early on allows you to see if you’re actually getting a “good deal”.

Are There Any Add-Ons On The Car?
Add-ons in a car are great. However, they’re often a way for dealers to boost profit. What you can do though is ask about this before signing anything, this way you can still negotiate on them. Otherwise you’ll only learn about them once you read about them on the contract and when you’ve already paid for them.

How Many Miles Are On The Car?
Most people now do transactions online. While things like paying for the car or emailing documents that comes with purchasing one is convenient, shopping online doesn’t show you how many test-drives the particular car you’re eyeing has had already. So even if you’ve inquired about it online, you should confirm it when you go check the car out in person. You can negotiate for a lower price if it has more than 300 miles.

Can You Deliver The Car?
If the dealer offers delivery, why wait while the car is washed, gassed and prepared for delivery in their site? This and not getting sales pitches from finance and insurance manager is the reason why transacting online can be advantageous for you. So do not forget to ask this question if you’re shopping online.


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Top 10 Car Detailing Mistakes Most People Make

Top 10 Car Detailing Mistakes Most People MakeIt’s no secret that auto detailing can be pricey, this is why a lot of people are trying to DIY as much as they can to minimize the cost. But DYI-ing auto detailing can also be challenging and overwhelming. If you haven’t done it before, you’ve probably made a mistake or two. Here are the most common car detailing mistakes that car owners make and how to do it right the next time.

1. Substituting Car Polish For Car Wax
People often assume that car polish and car wax are basically the same thing. But they’re actually not. If you want shine and eliminate minor imperfections on your exterior, you should go for car polishing. Or better yet, you might wanna opt to ceramic coating; your car will have a layer of permanent adhesion to the paint which can only be removed through abrasion, compared to the traditional coating which can be torn off by using different chemicals.

2. Not Knowing How To Clean Your Windows Thoroughly
When we say windows, we don’t mean just the obvious surface that we see. You also need to look at the tops of them when they’re partially rolled down and clean it because since that is often overlooked, dirt really accumulates in there.

3. Forgetting To Clean Under Your Seats
Most people only clean parts of their car that they can see. But if you want a thoroughly clean, you really have to get into all the crevices that your car has and under the seats. You’d be surprise that your vehicle isn’t actually as clean as you think it is.

4. Not Letting Your Car Benefit From Clay Bar
Washing your car with water and car specific cleaning agent is a great way to prevent any dirt from causing damage on the paint. However, even after washing, some contaminants still cling to the paint. To totally get rid of them, using a clay bar is the way to go. Using this product is very easy but time consuming. First, use a good quality auto detailing shampoo to wash the paint and get rid of dirt and grime as much as possible. After that, you can use the clay. Many clay bars in the market come with a lubricant but if it does not, there are products that you can purchase separately. It is extremely important to lubricate the surface first to enable the clay to glide easily across the surface. You’ll know it’s working because the clay gets dirtier as you go because of all the contaminants it’s grabbing.

5. Cleaning From Bottom To Top
Do it the other way and you’ll end up re-doing your car washing. Why? Because some of the dirt will run off to the bottom while cleaning the top part.

6. Working Under Direct Sunlight
If you think that cleaning your car under direct sunlight is a good idea because it will reduce drying time, think again. Yes it may help dry the car fast but it can also cause smears, water spots, and residue which are never a good idea for your car.

7. Thinking One Bucket Is Enough
Always use two buckets when cleaning your car, one for washing and one for rinsing. It just doesn’t make sense to use the same water filled with dirt and suds to rinse the car.

8. Not Knowing About Using Interior Foggers Early On
Some people already hate car smell because it’s often a mix of gasoline, rubber and those weird smelling air-freshener. Now add a foul smell to that and it’s just nasty. Try using an odor eliminating fogger for this.

9. Applying Products Directly To The Paintwork
The golden rule is to dilute and apply to cloth first. Dilute cleaning products to water and apply polishing products to cloth first. Don’t even think of cutting this process short by applying the products directly to the paintwork. The damage that over-applying of products may cause is not worth the seconds you may have saved on cleaning.

10. Skipping Towel Drying
Although it’s not always necessary to towel dry your motor, if you’re going to do it, at least use the right towel. Unless you want to scratch the paintwork, never use a standard household towel, or a chamois for that matter. Instead, use a dry microfiber cloth to quickly remove excess moisture

Car repairs don’t come cheap. Actually they can really be hefty especially if it’s been a while since your last maintenance and its condition is quite bad already. Take car repainting for instance, when your paint gets damaged, you can’t just fix the damaged part, you have to repaint the entire car. If you don’t like to spend a huge amount of money trying to fix your car’s paint, better pay attention to this. They may seem nothing but could lead to serious damage in your vehicle if not taken care of.


Pros And Cons Of Getting Paint Protection Film Done For Your Vehicle

5 Questions That You Should Ask Yourself To Ensure A Smooth Holiday Trip

5 Questions That You Should Ask Yourself To Ensure A Smooth Holiday TripWhen planning a vacation out of town, the itinerary, food, accommodations, and activities you plan to do usually take up most of your mind. But, not overlooking if your vehicle is actually road trip ready will eliminate unnecessary stress that you may encounter on the road, really pays.

Answer these questions and see if you’re actually ready to take on that holiday getaway!

1. Do I Know How To Change A Flat Tire?
A flat tire is one of the simplest road troubles that you should expect especially on long drives. But then, even if it’s pretty easy to change a flat tire, the question is do you know how to do it? Don’t assume you can always find someone to help change it for you. So better learn this essential skill before you find yourself in a middle of nowhere with a flat tire.

2. When Was The Last Time I Had My Car Checked?
If you can’t even remember, then chances are it’s been a while. If this is the case, take your car to your trusted car servicing shop for repair and maintenance as soon as you can before your trip. This should ensure you that you vehicle is in top condition and lessen your chances of car troubles when you hit the road.

3. Do I Know The Emergency Hotlines?
Even the most prepared and careful drivers out there get into trouble because of circumstances that are out of our control like the weather. If you get caught up in such cases, you better know the hotlines of proper authorities to call for help.

4. Do I Have Car Tools?
It’s great to learn basic car repairs so that you don’t depend on mechanics every time something needs to be done on your car, especially if you’re on the road. However, having the skills is only half of the solution. You also have to have necessary tools to actually do the repair! If you don’t have tools, maybe it’s time that you buy them.

5. Do I Have A Copy Of My Car’s Documents?
In case you run into a problem, you can easily present all the necessary documents to the authorities. These include the original and photocopy printouts of your car’s official receipt, car registration, insurance form, and driver’s license.


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6 Ways To Find A Good Mechanic

 6 Ways To Find A Good Mechanic

Looking for car servicing in Singapore? I’m sure you’ll come across a lot of different service provider here. However, the question is, how will you know which among them is actually worth your time and their price? If you’re seriously stump, dig in and learn how to spot him.

1. Have A Good Look At Their Workshop
When you’re canvassing for a mechanic don’t just look at the person, extend your eyesight to his shop as well. Scan the place and ask yourself these: Does it look like the mechanic is organized? Are the tools and parts grouped according to sizes and types? Can you see calendars, planners, or whiteboard schedules in there? If you answered yes to all of those questions then there’s a possibility that you’re in good hands. A mechanic’s workshop may not be spotless but it should be organized.

2. Don’t Overlook The Receipt
Don’t just shove the receipt in your pocket and assume he’s good for providing one. See if the receipt is unreadable and if the mechanic won’t be bothered to explain the breakdown of your receipt. If that’s the case then you’re looking at someone who doesn’t expect you to be a regular client.

3. Check The Toolbox
A mechanic’s tools are the next best thing to his skills. Pay attention to whether he doesn’t have much and some haven’t been used by the looks of them. Or he has piles of them that are obviously spent. The latter are signs of experienced mechanic.

4. See How He Works With Minor Repair First
If you have a couple of car repair works, test the guy out with the minor ones first. If he does it well, gives a proper receipt without trying to convince you to get other parts of your car fixed or improved, he’s a catch.

5. Find Out What Brand Or Service He’s Good At
It’s best for your vehicle if the mechanic that will handle her is someone whose specialty is your rides make or the service that you need. Dig through car forums so fellow car owners can give you recommendations.

6. Pay Attention To Your Car Parts
There are instances where dubious mechanics will tell customers that they have replaced the car part already, when in fact they didn’t. The client can’t know that for sure and end up paying a guy who tricked him. Don’t let it happen to you; ask to see the original part. But if you’re with a good mechanic you won’t even have to ask, he’ll show you right away and ask if you still want it.

Now that you know how to look for a good mechanic, time to get your car over there and have it done!

The Essentials Of Car Care

Whether you’re a new driver or a veteran one, these car maintenance rules should be followed at all times. Otherwise, you’re not just risking your car’s running and physical condition, but you could also be spending money when you could have saved it and even risking your safety on the road.

The Essentials Of Car Care

The Essentials Of Car Care

Whether you’re a new driver or a veteran one, these car maintenance rules should be followed at all times. Otherwise, you’re not just risking your car’s running and physical condition, but you could also be spending money when you could have saved it and even risking your safety on the road.

Maintain Your Alloys
You don’t have to be speeding for your alloys to catch dirt or get scratched by rocks as you drive. While there’s no way of avoiding this, you can make sure they don’t cause any serious trouble for your car by not letting any dirt stick too long and cleaning them right away. There are a lot of alloy cleaner available in the market to choose from.

Bodywork Care
Aside from the fact that having your car splattered with bird droppings looks completely disgusting, it can also lead to damage on your paint. Try not to park under tall trees. But if you happen to catch your car with droppings already, remove it right way using warm, soapy water and gently rub using microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths may be the most recommended material to use for cleaning your vehicle but if it’s dirty it may cause chips and other damage as well. So make sure you clean it before using it on your car. Also, you might want to avoid driving on rough roads if possible since small stones or rocks may hit the surface of your ride which can result to scratches. Or if there’s no other route, just drive more carefully.

Wax VS Polish
Car polishing is one of the most misunderstood paint care procedures and as a result many individuals skip this important step. Polish is an abrasive compound, which, when worked into the paint using the hand or a polisher, shaves off imperfections of the paint. It levels out the surface and makes it smooth, thereby preparing it for the next step of applying wax or paint sealant. If you wax without polishing the surface first, not only will the paint look dull, but you will also notice that the wax layer will wear off quicker than usual. So ultimately it is a huge waste of your time and resources. Because polish is abrasive as mentioned above, it is important to master polishing techniques especially if you are using a rotary buffer, or you risk burning right through the paint.

Most people love shiny cars because it makes the car look expensive and sleek. To achieve this look, they often opt to wax their car because we all know wax can help give that sparkling effect. However, the problem with this is that it is temporary and easily melts especially when constantly exposed in the sun. A much better option will be paint protection because it can provide the same luster for your car but is more durable compared to wax so it last longer.

Keep Everything Clean
Unclean car isn’t only unsightly but can also lead to unnecessary car repairs. It’s understandable that it’d be hard to squeeze in car washing everyday if you’re busy, but you should at least do it once a week or every time you get a day off and if you really can’t do it yourself then take advantage of the car grooming service that are widely available in Singapore. If you drive on poor conditions a lot, like when it’s rainy or on rough roads you have to get it done more often than once a week. You shouldn’t also forget that it’s necessary that you clean your car inside and out.


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Car Paint Problems And The Proper Way To Address Them



Cars are no longer just a luxury; they have become a necessity too. But we cannot deny that despite the benefit of owning one, maintaining it means another addition to things that you have to spend money on a regular basis. Car repair costs are definitely one of the heftiest expenses of owning a car, especially when it comes to paint problems. To avoid dealing with it more often than you should, here are the proper ways to address common paint problems.

Chemical Damage
A lot of things can cause chemical damage to your car paint. Things from acid rain, tar, sap from a tree, to bird droppings. While some of them may not cause damage as quick as the others, still all of them can cause discoloration and pitting when left unattended for a long time. To avoid them, always park at somewhere covered. But since we can’t be lucky to find one all the time, just clean it off as soon as you see any stain on your paint.

Scratches And Chips
It’s such a bummer when your beloved car’s good looks get ruined due to scratches. When this happens, it loses its shine, it appears worn out than it really is and no longer looks covetable. The thing is that it doesn’t even take an accident for your car to get scratches, even using a dirty microfiber cloth to wipe it or a loose stone that hits your car while driving can cause that. But this wouldn’t be a problem if your vehicle has paint protection as this will keep your car looking sleek longer than when it doesn’t have it.

Weather Related Damage
We can’t really help the kind of weather you’ll have in the place you live. Whether you have four seasons or two extreme weathers, all you can do is take extra step to protect your car from these. Paint protection in Singapore’s tropical weather will prevent your paint job from fading fast, it also keeps it from expanding and contracting which results to cracking where water or moisture can seep through the cracks and create rust. It also helps if you park your car in a covered garage or parking lot as much as possible.

Stay Ahead Of Issues
Whatever the problem with your car’s paint, do not wait too long to get it fixed, especially if the car’s body has been exposed. If you wait until chips and dings on your car turn into rust before you take care of it, prepare yourself for bigger problem and heftier car repair costs. Without protection, the bodywork of the car can begin to corrode. Regular cleaning and drying of the car will be sufficient to handle most problems. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to inspect your car for more serious damage.


4 Ways To Save Big On Car Care

4 Ways To Save Big On Car Care

4 Ways To Save Big On Car Care

Saving on car expenses doesn’t mean spending no money at all. It means getting the most out of your money and learning to do some things on your own, especially simple ones. Here are some tips that will help you with those.

1. Fluid Level

Fluid Level
It does feel like you are spending more by adhering to maintenance schedule when there seems to be nothing wrong with your car. But that’s exactly the point, by ensuring that you have the correct levels of oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze, wiper fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid all the time, you can avoid expensive car repair as well as risking your life while on the road.

2. Be Friends With Your Mechanic

Be Friends With Your Mechanic
Do not be afraid to seek a car servicing shop near your location or try one that is recommended by a friend or family member because of warranty. If your mechanic uses quality parts and you keep the paper, there shouldn’t be any problem. Just make sure you’re on your mechanic’s good side and he’ll surely take care of your vehicle.

3. Do It Yourself

DIY Car Repair
There are a lot of car repairs that you can definitely take care of like dead battery, oil change, windshield wipers, headlights, and air filter. Aside from that you get to save money, you are guaranteed that it’s really being fixed, you get to hone your car repair skills, and most importantly you become more and more self-sufficient.

4. Have Tire Intelligence

Instead of buying your tires from a garage, check out a warehouse store.
Instead of buying your tires from a garage, check out a warehouse store. You’ll probably find a good deal there, plus there are a host of other bonuses as well. In addition to the warranty, you’ll also have the perks of your club’s satisfaction guarantee, and your installation costs may also include services for the future like rotations and balancing.


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