7 Car Tire Tips That Can Help Save Money

Tires are expensive! And having to replace them more often that they should be isn’t something neither you nor your savings will be happy about.Tires are expensive! And having to replace them more often that they should be isn’t something neither you nor your savings will be happy about. So, to keep you from going bankrupt here are some tips that will keep your priced tires in top shape.

1. Buy Them When They’re Out Of Season
Don’t wait for the rain before purchasing tires that are best for wet conditions because that’s when they’re at their highest price. If you want to get them at the lowest price possible then you should shop for them when they’re out of season. People typically don’t buy rain-tires during the summer because they don’t need it, so sales for those kinds of tires are low. Dealers deal with that by offering off-season tires on big discounts.

2. Shop Around
Don’t just settle with a known shop because it’s where everybody buys their car stuff. Always shop around and compare price and quality. Sometimes a different store offer discounts that other stores don’t or carry better kinds of tires. Until you find the best one for your needs and budget, keep looking around.

3. Avoid Under Or Over Inflation
This means they shouldn’t be over-inflated or under-inflated. Otherwise they’ll wear out faster than they typically should and will affect vehicle handling and fuel economy. To avoid this, check your owner’s manual for recommended tire pressure and always stick to that. It’s best to check your tires’ pressure at least once a month but do it more often if you always go on long trips or you carry heavy loads all the time.

4. Know The Best Kind Of Tires For Your Location’s Dominant Season/s
Singapore is situated near the equator and has a typically tropical climate, with abundant rainfall, high and uniform temperatures, and high humidity all year round. Know what kind of tires works best for that along with your driving habits. Don’t buy set of tires for winter which may have a lot of great performance factors but you won’t have any use for because Singapore doesn’t have winter. That’s just buying pricier tires that you won’t get the most out of.

5. Don’t Throw It—Patch It
Why discard a perfectly fine tire because of one hole when you can have that fixed? You’re basically throwing your money out the window if you do that. Instead of panicking like that, find a car repair center that fix punctures like that by patching it from the inside then remounts and re-balances it really well. That will allow your tire to go for miles until it’s really time to retire and replace them.

6. Avoid Registration Hesitation
This is an area of tire purchasing that people often overlook. These expensive components almost always come with some kind of warranty, so protect them and your pocketbook by following all the necessary steps when it comes to product registration and purchase documentation! Many tire makers offer a free 30-day test drive where you can return them no questions asked within that time frame, and many tires come with bonuses like free two-year roadside assistance, one year of no-cost road hazard protection, and a free lifetime replacement for workmanship and material defects.

7. Visit Car Servicing
If you notice uneven wear on your tires then they’re out of alignment. This doesn’t just lead to early tire replacement but it can also lead to other mechanical problems in your car. This means more car repair awaits you. Don’t wait for that, it’s best to take your car to car repair as soon as you see signs of misaligned tires.


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