8 Things You Do That Leads To Your Car’s Early Retirement

8 Things You Do That Leads To Your Car_s Early Retirement

Privileges come with responsibilities. So when you decide to own a car, you should know that it requires regular work aside from the standard paper works and capital money to purchase it. Here are some habits that may cause premature damage on your vehicle which will make you understand why car maintenance shouldn’t fall behind your priorities.

1. Improper Inflation

Improper Inflation
Your tires’ inflation doesn’t just affect your tires’ condition but it also makes it more difficult to control your car and it also reduces gas mileage. Be sure to check your tire pressure every month as well as before long trips, and when carrying extra load.

2. Hitting The Brakes Until The Last Minute

Hitting The Brakes Until The Last Minute
A vehicle’s braking system is a very important part a car. If they’re not in good condition it means you car’s ability to slow down or stop when you’re driving can be compromised. Moreover, your family, other motorists and your own safety could also be at risk! So avoid regularly subjecting your ride to heavy braking because your pads, rotors, and calipers are all going to wear faster to avoid premature damage and risking everyone’s safety on the road.

3. Overworking The Engine

Overworking The Engine
Overworking an engine unnecessarily puts all kinds of added strain on powertrain components, as everything from fuel pumps to valvetrains tries to keep up with the tachometer. Even high performance sports cars will eventually begin to show signs of premature wear if thrashed regularly, so take it easy and choose your throttle time wisely.

4. Too Much Sun Exposure

Car's Too Much Sun Exposure
Summer time is a fun season to drive to the beach, go on a road trip, or simply go anywhere because the weather is nice. But while you may not have to worry about slippery roads driving which can be dangerous, it’s the heat of your car that you should be worried about. This is why aside from preparing thick towels to place on the seats, and windshield cover, it’s also important to try to park your car in the shade as much as possible and invest in paint protection especially in such a sunny country like Singapore. Unless you’re fine with your car paint blistering and peeling as well as premature fading and cracking of your car interior.

5. Not Washing Your Car

Not Washing Your Car
People don’t just seek car servicing in Singapore due to engine problems, more often than not it’s due to exterior damage from different kinds of dirt like grease, grime, and bird poop. When left unattended for extended period of time, they can cause serious paint damage on your car. Avoid the stress and unnecessary expenses by keeping your vehicle clean.

6. Oil Change Issues

Oil Change Issues
First of all, different vehicles might have different recommended oil change intervals, it’s best to refer back to your owner’s manual to be certain of yours. If you decide to do oil change on your own every time, you have to have the basic tools like adjustable wrench, filter wrench (for older cars) and a sealable container to catch the used oil and buy oil in bulk to save more money.

7. Not Keeping Up The Scheduled Maintenance

 Not Keeping Up The Scheduled Maintenance
If you think you’re saving money by passing up on basic maintenance like oil and filter change, think again. Because what you refused to pay for now, means thousands of dollars in auto repair bills tomorrow due to major damage or malfunction.

8. Opting For Cheaper Gas

Opting For Cheaper Gas
Gasoline these days are incredibly expensive. Actually, if you try to compute how much of your salary goes to gasoline alone, it would even make you think twice if you really want a car to begin with. But if you think that you’ll be able to save more money if you opt for the cheapest gas available, you’re wrong! It may seem so at the beginning, but deposits and corrosion are far more likely to develop in cheap gasoline that has not been fortified with the appropriate detergents and additives. So, it would be best to go for slightly pricier but far superior fuels to really save money in the long run because your car will less likely develop damages from TOP TIER fuels.


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